Geo Note

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Create notes associated with a place, street, city ... and when you are in that place your phone will alert you need to do something.

Look at the RADAR map the location of your GEONOTE compared to yours. So you'll know in which direction to move

Post your GEONOTE via SMS to other friends (with GEONOTE app) to warn them with a message when they pass by a place you established. You will also receive GEONOTE via SMS and so you can be notified by other people.

Look on the google map your GEONOTEs or add a new one by long-click on the map in point of interest. Set one of three google map layout (normal, hybrid and terrian).

The localization works with GPS, but even with the simple NETWORK or WIFI connection in order to avoid consumption of the battery of your mobile. You will only use the GPS in those cases where you need accuracy of a few meters ... in all other cases, you can leave off the GPS and use WIFI or NETWORK

Possibility to sets the radius of area of a GEONOTE and will received an alert when you ENTER or/and  EXIT from this area. If you don't use the  GPS you must set a high radius value of the area (>= 600 meters)

This app require Google Play Services v2 and is fully integrated with google geofences

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The localization without GPS requires the activation of the flag "Use wireless networks" in the general settings of your phone "Locating and Security"

You can download Geo Note here