Change APN

Change APN                              APN Settings View

Change APN is only a shortcut to APN Settings View

It's very useful when you need to switch APN several time. Download it and save several clik


From version 4.x (ICS), for security reasons, third-party applications can no longer change the APN settings or swap the apn automatically. You can have only a shortcut to APN settings View and no other informations.

Change Apn Donate


Shortcut to APN Settings & Enable access to APN Settings.
This version, when change apn, sends a notification to let you remember the apn choice.
For each app that changes the APN settings this app generates a notification to alert you.
Notification is active only when mobile is connect to network without wifi

Very useful when need to switch APN several time phone apn settings or need to enable APN Settings.